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DigiLockerz is a division of iLockerz Ltd which was setup in 2020 to provide direct and fast access to a range of easy-to-use lockers and associated products, giving organisations more than a traditional mechanical locker can achieve, but still at a low and affordable price.

The product range varies from simple digital locks which can be purchased in single units to accommodate an up-cycle of existing lockers, spanning all the way up to a full locker bank.

Lockers are available with laminate or metal doors which can be installed with either PIN keypad or RFID-access locks, allowing locker usage to be recorded electronically and accommodating shared-use requiremenst.

Rapidly becoming the go-to provider of secure storage solutions, DigiLockerz works closely with the iLockerz and Keytracker teams to deliver unrivalled support, production, installation, and technical capabilities. This ability to spread resources across these world-leading organisations allows DigiLockers to ensure prices can be kept low for every customer.

Additional support and other more intelligent locker systems can be found on the main iLockerz website - - or call the team today on 0121 270 6153. 

Need specific information or want to buy online?

More details about each of the DigiLockerz products can be found at our webshop, where items and services can also be placed to order.

If you need help or would like to discuss any bespoke requirements, our team is always on hand via the online chat function to the bottom right corner of each web page across this site.


Alternatively, Contact DigiLockerz by phone or email.

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