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Buy Now, Pay Later

Spread the cost of your order

As well as Card Payment or PayPal, here at DigiLockerz we have two simple ways you can opt to have payment terms on your order:

1. Purchase Order

  • 30 day interest-free payment terms

2. iwocaPay

  • 90 day payment terms, with the first 30 days interest-free

  • Instant decision, with application taking no more than 10 minutes

How to Buy Now and Pay Later:

1. Add the products you wish to purchase to your basket

2. On the Cart page, please add whether you wish to opt for the Purchase Order option (please include your PO number) or iwocaPay option. Alternatively you can email us

3. At checkout, select 'Offline Payment'

4. Complete checkout

If you selected Purchase Order, please ensure you email this to us along with your PO number.

If you selected iwocaPay, we will email you a link to set up the payment option.

Please note that your order is not accepted nor will be fulfilled until either Purchase Order or iwocPay is fully set up.

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