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DigiLockerz has the solution for you

Whether you already have lockers but want to upgrade to keyless, digital locks, or if you want to fit out a whole new system of lockers, DigiLockerz have your low-cost, intelligent solution.



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Choose from simple digital locks which come in either keypad or RFID form and upgrade your existing lockers quickly and easily so by introducing shared or assigned use modes for your lockers, with useful management and override functions.


At DigiLockerz we also have ready-to-ship, full locker bank options with our digital keypad or RFID locks already pre-installed, and choose from laminate or metal doors to suit your environment.

Our range offers modular cube lockers, small item lockers for keys and phones, laptop storage lockers, and larger personal item lockers to suit leisure environments, education settings, workplaces or staff areas.

We also offer installation and set up of your digital locks and lockers, plus training of your managers and staff to ensure they are integrated into your systems effectively.

All items come with a 2 years warranty, and our metal lockers come with ActiveCoat Technology as standard to ensure a cleaner, safer locker which protect against bacteria and other pathogens.

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